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OpenXbox - Open Source Xbox One tools

What is this about?

You can use the code and tools to control your Xbox remotely and do Gamestreaming, Live TV streaming and more. Check out the details here: Documentation

Who are you?

We are a little group interested in Microsoft’s Xbox One Gaming console and, more specifically, the SmartGlass protocol.

Why did you start this project?

The original idea came up when a team member often forgot to power down his console when he left the house. He had no easy way of powering it down before he came back home. That little first-world-problem sparked the interest in the SmartGlass protocol and it’s inner workings. After some time we had done research regarding the whole protocol, documented it and created python libraries to make use of it, in a multi-platform fashion.

What do you provide?

We have several repositories serving you with code and documents to help you create your own projects on top of the SmartGlass protocol.


Nano v1/v2 (Local gamestreaming, kind of legacy)

XCloud / XHome (Nano v3)



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